Brand naming - what is it?
Brand naming is a delicate and sensitive undertaking requiring careful market research and an original approach. The name is chosen only once, and changing it minimally will be problematic, if only because it is a complex bureaucratic procedure.

Company naming is not just a brand name. First of all, this is the official name of the company, under which it goes through the registration process in various government agencies, enters the market, and will be valid for many years. Secondly is the name of your product, which will be known to the target audience.
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Even though a name can be born in pain, the naming itself should be simple, understandable, flexible, and memorable.

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How is naming


Creating a name for a company occurs in many scenarios. Several naming methods can be used either together or individually.


Only the resonant part of a word is taken so that it is clear what it means. For example, the trademark “Fanta” is short for “fantastic”.


A set of words is selected, and the first letters will fit nicely into one abbreviation. This example is used by both business enterprises and everyone else: o.b, BMW, KFC, VTB, etc.


Original words or derivatives of words not in the dictionary: Instagram, Twitch, Indesit, Molokai, Danissimo, etc.


Depending on the company’s type of activity, a suitable description is selected for it, understandable to the target audience. For example, the naming PrivatBank tells us that this is a bank for individuals, and ABV-Tekhnika is a store selling household appliances.


The name is used to name the company. In this case, the name can be used as a whole without changes along with the surname (“Lyudmila”, “Voronin”, “Giorgio Armani”), or be changed or truncated (“CR7”, Tinkoff Bank).


Somewhat outdated, but simple and understandable type of naming for local companies. In its creation, words and prefixes are used to emphasize the superiority of the brand: “Super Fitness”, “World of Fabrics”, “Fur Empire”, etc.

Domain naming

A prevalent type of naming lately consists of the site name and is consonant with the domain name: “DivanKiev”, “SaxonClub”, etc.



However, it is not enough to find a sonorous name for the company. Professional creative agencies adhere to the following principles of the naming process:


To enter the general market, the name must not be occupied by another company.


The name should be simple and sonorous, memorable.

Reflection of the essence of a product or service

It would be ideal for placing at least a hint of the services provided in the name of the trademark.

Lack of subtext

You should pay attention that your abbreviation and neologism are not consonant with any phenomenon or word that some population segments may misperceive.

Foreign market analysis

To avoid funny things when translating the name of your product into another language, thoroughly approach the selection of naming when entering the international market.

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