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Branding in a new market is not only an identity in the form of banners, promo videos, logos, and other elements but also something that creates a company's differentiation from competitors on a more global level. This includes the nature of the brand itself and how it is conveyed to consumers and perceived within the team.
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This is where the brand’s communication platform comes to the fore. It is a document, a set of rules, which describes the following principles of interaction between a company and consumers.

All this should be parsed down to the smallest detail and displayed in the brand platform so that anyone can access this information. Such blanks greatly simplify the training of personnel, interaction with advertisers, and performers of the company’s tasks.


values, the message of the speech, request for trust

the number and degree of interaction with the audience
main communication channels
communication strategy with different segments of the target audience
tone, character of speech, formality/informality of language
values, the message of the speech, request for trust


of the brand


To maintain the reputation of any brand, it will not be superfluous to create a set of rules that clearly and reflects all the conventions of communication within the team and with customers. This will help in several ways.

Communication platform
will distinguish the company from competitors with a characteristic worldview
Communication platform
will help to have a visual concept of interaction with the audience
Communication platform
improve reputation and trust among customers and partners
Communication platform
will provide stability and integrity to the brand, and increase the virality of advertising campaigns

Elements of the brand platform

The brand platform can be either abbreviated or quite extensive and turn into almost a full-fledged brand book.

All this information should be available to employees and partners, and consumers, who must somehow become familiar with the brand platform, imbued with its character and worldview. This is usually done by metered and accessible placement and information delivery to the client.

Communication platform
passport (general description and nature of the brand)
Communication platform
company values, direction
Communication platform
the uniqueness and benefits of the company’s products, the reason to buy them
Communication platform
main visual elements: fonts, logos, and the scope of their use
Communication platform
characteristic words and expressions that may or may not be used in the company
Communication platform
building communication with the client, speech turns, slogans, conversational patterns, and patterns

The cost of developing a com. platform from Clickable Agency

It isn’t easy to name the average price on the market for this kind of project. It depends on many factors. However, the good news is that we at Clickable Agency can quote you the price of developing a new or ongoing project right after the initial free consultation.

the number of items needed to create
readiness of sketches and templates of these very elements
the need to develop a communication strategy
brand scale
need for product integration
terms of work

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