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All advertising tools have long been invented and are used in absolutely all spheres of human activity. Surprising someone with a non-standard approach to today's marketing strategy is hardly possible even for a large company with a considerable budget. How do you get out of this situation? Creative!
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Ideas for advertising campaigns
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Ideas for advertising campaigns
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Ideas for advertising campaigns
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Ideas for advertising campaigns
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Ideas for advertising campaigns
Ideas for advertising campaigns
Ideas for advertising campaigns
Ideas for advertising campaigns
Ideas for advertising campaigns
Ideas for advertising campaigns
Ideas for advertising campaigns

How do you come up with ideas?

Focus on what the product is made of

As much as marketers would not like it, the consumer first buys a product or service, not its original presentation. Therefore, you need to try as creatively and exhaustively as possible to provide him with information about the essence of the product. If it is kefir, then from the whole milk of happy cows; if it is juice, then from natural apples; if it is a face cream, it should contain water from the purest natural spring. This trick is quite old, but it still works.

Advertising should evoke an association

This should be implemented so that when looking at the product, a person involuntarily associates with advertising. How to do it? Use common elements on packaging, labeling, and promotion. It could be:


  • mascot;
  • characteristic color scheme;
  • tagline;
  • fonts, etc.

In other words, the product and the content that promotes it must be a single entity.

Fancy packaging

You can also be original with the packaging. It is common to create interactive packages for children’s products when the box is completed with stickers, chips, toys, and so on, but this can also be used for other products. For example, a pack of Lays chips, on which the manufacturer printed a smile at one time, thus launching a kind of flash mob when customers posted photos on social networks, substituting this smile instead of their own. It can also be an originally opening box of chocolates or a bottle of alcohol with an object floating inside.

Bright name

It is not so easy to come up with a unique name that accurately reflects the essence of the product while being memorable and bright. However, talented marketers, therefore, eat their bread. Thus, new products appear on the market such different names which perfectly correlate with the nature of the brand. Naming is implemented using various techniques, such as:


  • associative
  • abbreviation
  • domain
  • nominal
  • rhyming
  • using neologisms, etc.


Choosing which one to choose in this or that case is up to the customer and the marketing team.

Emphasis on social group

Many consumers, when buying a product, want to associate themselves with a particular group of people consciously or unconsciously. You can play on this when promoting a product, highlighting it by:


  • national or ethnic origin (Italian faience, Ukrainian sunflower oil);
  • financial status;
  • gender accent (deodorant for real men, carcasses for active women);
  • sphere of human activity (for strong athletes, experienced motorists, self-confident business woman, etc.).


At the same time, it is worth being careful not to narrow the number of potential consumers in this way.

Creating a tradition around the product

Not many people know, but dried fish and chips are perfectly edible without beer, and if you don’t “gurgle” Oreo into milk before putting the cookies in your mouth, then this will not cause any catastrophic consequences. By creating such an associative array, product manufacturers actively sell their products to us, tying them to our daily lives. You can do this too, so that all people know that without a cup of your coffee, their day will not start in any way.

Founding a cult around the product

The most expensive, but also the most effective way to secure a product on the market is to convince consumers of its irreplaceability. We all know that my Head&Shoulders head, we will never have dandruff, Channel #5 is a timeless classic, and Levi’s are the most classic and reference jeans in the world.


Whether this is true or not, no one is interested, and no one dares to argue with this, because it has become a kind of dogma over the course of many, many years. A correctly chosen promotion strategy and its implementation have every chance of creating another legendary product on the market, if not internationally, then at least regionally.

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Advertising is the same art as literature, music, or painting. Use relevant and original ideas, interest the audience, and the result will not belong in coming.

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    Clickable’s creative team has been collaborating with its clients for many years, coming up with unusual advertising ideas, visualizing them, and creating slogans and accompanying texts for campaigns that generate thousands of new leads.

    Dmitriy Ryzhikov, CEO, Smart Experiences FZC 5.0

    Clickable Agency delivered top-notch outputs that exceeded expectations. The team's professional approach and creativity continue to impress the client. Both sides maintain open communication to ensure deadlines and objectives are achieved.

    Dmitriy Ryzhikov, CEO, Smart Experiences FZC
    Alex Hajerdinov, Platform Coordinator, Twin 5.0

    Internal feedback lauds the website as modern, professional, and intuitive. Clickable Agency delivered innovative solutions thanks to their experienced work style and market knowledge. They stayed in constant contact throughout the project, and continue to provide advice and support post-launch.

    Alex Hajerdinov, Platform Coordinator, Twin
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