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Any company starts positioning its brand in the consumer market by developing a corporate identity.
This is a set of elements that identifies a product among the rest on the market, not only for customers but also for partners and the employees themselves.
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For some, the development of a corporate identity may be limited to a single design of a page on social networks. In contrast, for others, it will be a much more complex and voluminous work in all directions for an unlimited period.

Corporate identity
restaurant business: cafes, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, fast food outlets
Corporate identity
hotel business, especially chain business such as selling clothes
Corporate identity
stores selling household appliances, electronics
Corporate identity
large industrial holdings and corporations
Corporate identity
transport companies and carriers
Corporate identity
hairdressing, salons and spa
Corporate identity
professionals offering private services (lawyers, marketers, designers)
Corporate identity
IT companies
Corporate identity
bloggers, musicians, singers, and other creative personalities

What is


in the corporate


To understand what elements of corporate style are required for a particular product, it is necessary to analyze both the brand itself and the market segment in which it will be presented. Among the identity tools are the following:

color design

Determining the color match is very important because brand identification in the market will directly depend on this. It seems to many that there is nothing complicated in this, and it is enough to pick up a couple of matching colors, but this is far from the case. The brand must have clear color templates, which must be strictly within certain limits and have a given combination of shades in the required proportions for each product element.

Logos and trademarks

This includes logo options and various product-identifying elements: icons, font constants, branded images, etc. Of course, they must be made in the same style, reflect the company’s policy as accurately as possible, and at the same time be remembered by the consumer.

Advertising Toolkit

This includes a wide range of both media and physical products. These are a website, a landing page, a page on social networks, examples, templates of banner advertising, etc. The more extensive the project, the more tools and options for their implementation will be required. Of course, this requires a professional team of web developers, and one contractor should carry out the entire project.



Branding identity developers resort to various creative techniques and options for compiling and executing specific marketing tools to increase company awareness.

Corporate identity
animated logos
Corporate identity
development of html-games and game banners
Corporate identity
interactive screensavers of web sites
Corporate identity
provocative style decision
Corporate identity
provocative advertising slogans
Corporate identity
own corporate fonts
Corporate identity
original style-forming graphics
Corporate identity
development of high-quality videos
Corporate identity
Corporate identity



The best confirmation of the quality of our work are examples of corporate styles and elements that you can see in the gallery.

Corporate identity
Corporate identity
Corporate identity
Corporate identity
Corporate identity



Any web designer can develop a corporate identity element. Only a few can make a genuinely high-quality product that would attract the client’s attention and be deposited in his mind. Therefore, before submitting your project plan for development, you should ensure that the contractor has experience in such projects and has implemented orders for significant players in the consumer market by asking him for this information.

Corporate identity
we provide the widest range of services
Corporate identity
we will develop a corporate identity for a brand from scratch
Corporate identity
we announce the price upon agreement so that you calculate the budget
Corporate identity
we are located in the same office, thanks to which we have a high quality product

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    clients think

    To some extent, corporate style is necessary for any company, regardless of whether it provides goods, services, is an intermediary firm or performs outsourcing tasks. The development of a system of identity elements is appropriate for many businesses.

    Alexandr Oleinik, COO, Mobster 5.0

    Clickable Agency produced deliverables that successfully satisfied the client. They ensured the company of quality services. The team was dedicated and fostered collaboration to provide all the needs of the internal stakeholders.

    Alexandr Oleinik, COO, Mobster
    Juli Bela, Social Media Manager, MDconsult 5.0

    The newly-designed home page turned out great. As a result, the client reeled in a handful of new leads. Clickable Agency listened attentively to the client's needs, allowing them to deliver exactly what was expected. They also planned ahead and accommodated any requested changes along the way.

    Juli Bela, Social Media Manager, MDconsult
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