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A modern brand should be stylish and memorable, and its identity should be flexible and original. It is possible to achieve excellent recognition in the market and be remembered by a potential client in this way. For this purpose, there is a logobook - a set of rules for the use of the logo and brand names.
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Logo and


Many people often confuse two concepts – a logo and a logobook, believing that this is about the same thing, and the second is just the process of developing the first. This is not so; any professional knows this.


Also, do not confuse the brand book and logo book. The brand book is a broader guide to developing all branding elements, including those not directly related to the logo. For large companies, creating a separate logo book is mandatory, despite the presence of a brand book, since their type of activity implies an extensive use of the logo both in the media space and in physical media, advertising images, official documents, and simple brochures.

trademark image color code
size for application in certain conditions
dimensions in relation to other elements of the identity
accommodation recommendations

The process

of creating

a logo

Creating a logobook is a multi-stage, sequential, and not the most accessible event. Of course, you can make changes to it throughout the brand’s life. Still, it is evident that for reasonable identification of the company and the unification of all documents in all areas of its activity, the logobook should be made as close as possible to the final version. It is better to develop a custom-made logo book from professionals to do this.

Creation of logo examples from the brief

Sketches of the future corporate logo of the company are created if it does not already exist. The option can be either one or several at once, for different company activities, and used for one purpose.

Logo approval

The customer agrees on the logo with the developer after the final edits.

Market research.

A marketer studies the market for brand name variants in various areas of activity of related companies (in advertising, documents, identity, etc.).

Development of a logo book template

Specialists create a layout of how the logo will look in different conditions and on other documents, develop options for its color design, and modify, simplify, and complicated versions of the brand name and animated performances of the logo.

Work on selected versions

After an agreement with the client, the most suitable options are approved, and work is strictly on them.

Final presentation and approval

The customer confirms ready-made versions of the logo and its elements, and the result after the final edits is released to work.

Examples of logobooks
The recognition of the logo lies not only in its spectacular appearance but also in how it can be adapted to modern marketing tools and change the structure for specific requirements without losing its identification in the market.
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Any web designer or artist can offer the service of creating a logo that would represent your company. However, for this logo to become recognizable in the market and memorable for potential customers, it must be developed by professionals.


experienced brand makers with over 10 years of expertise
correct description of the rules for using the logo
accessible and understandable documentation

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