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Font solutions are one of the essential elements of identity today. Since any business implies a large amount of information that should be conveyed to the consumer, the font should emphasize the company's style and identify it in some aspects.
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Designing a corporate font may seem like a trifle to an unknowing person, but it is the basis of brand identity, and the sooner it is created, the better it will be for the business.


The style of the logo is directly related to the overall design concept of the brand. It is recommended that the trademark font should evoke associations with other company products.

Official and informal documents

All company documents must be executed in the same style: estimates, contracts, invoices, menus, pointers, etc. The paper can be drawn entirely up in a corporate font or only some of its elements – it all depends on the formality of the document.

Outdoor advertising, signs, and merchandise

Of course, all outdoor advertising of different sizes and types, name signs, billboards, signs, and merchandise must be made in the same style, so it is recommended to consider these points when ordering font development.

Internet Marketing

Of course, fonts will be actively used in various online advertising tools, such as landing pages, websites, banner ads, etc.

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Font solution

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The use of fonts has a vast scope. Many people think that their service is relevant only in the text, but this is far from the case.

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Font solution
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For a font to please not only the owner of the company but also bring specific benefits to the company or enterprise, it must comply with the following points:

Font solution
be unique and memorable to the client
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be associative, corresponding to the direction of the company
Font solution
function normally on any device
Font solution
have flexibility and variation, for application in different needs of the company

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For the consumer to pay attention to the text and get the necessary associations, you should approach the development of the font as carefully as possible. The sequence of this process consists of the following steps:


The client indicates the purpose and direction of his company. Depending on this, a brief is drawn up, determining where the fonts can be used and for what purposes the character style should be developed.

Choice of design direction

There are many examples of fonts, but all of them can be conditionally divided into groups: formal, rounded, chopped, geometric, serif, block, handwritten, display, antique, lettering, etc. It would help if you chose an approximate type with which the designer and artist will continue to work.

font sketches

Using the chosen direction, the specialist creates templates for the future font: on a computer or by hand. As a rule, he does this using the example of control characters and the word adhesion and decimal digits.

Coordination with the client

After the finished sketches, the customer changes the project, and the font changes according to the constructive dialogue with the designer.

Create additional font options

Depending on the need for versions of the text style for various auxiliary needs of the company, secondary fonts are created based on the main font. The client also approves of them.

Development of the font and its complete transfer to electronic form

The product receives its working form and the possibility of use.

Global Font Testing

To ensure the absolute quality of the text, you should check it in operation, namely: testing it on different backgrounds, in different sizes, on popular resources, on various devices, and in combination with other fonts. Perhaps small changes in the dimensions of certain characters, their contrast, and structure will be required. The product gets a working title.

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    We emphasize that the font, first of all, should represent the interests of the company, and not subjectively like the customer. It is best to listen to designers who know the market well, as well as test results. Only then will you get an effective identity branding tool.

    Dmitriy Ryzhikov, CEO, Smart Experiences FZC 5.0

    Clickable Agency delivered top-notch outputs that exceeded expectations. The team's professional approach and creativity continue to impress the client. Both sides maintain open communication to ensure deadlines and objectives are achieved.

    Dmitriy Ryzhikov, CEO, Smart Experiences FZC
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