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The logo is the main element of product identification in the market. Today, its development is necessary for large companies and small firms, and individuals - singers, bloggers, athletes, and artists.
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Creating a high-quality logo that reflects the product’s style, personality, and essence is a relatively complex and complex undertaking that only professional designers can do. For a logo to attract attention and sell a product or service, it must have the necessary characteristics.


All these aspects only seem simple and quickly doable. They require an integrated approach, strict development stages, and several periods of additional testing and verification.

match the current modern design
be unique, not resemble other brands
look good on banners and signs
be combined with other elements of the company’s style
have flexible variability, dimensional grid and colors



The company’s symbol can be not only a character but also an inanimate object: the sun, a castle, a star, a tree leaf, a fruit, etc. This helps create a clear association with a potential consumer and makes it easier to explain the essence of the product.



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It is a combination of letters. It can be one letter, several letters, an abbreviation, an abbreviation, or a full-fledged word. The most famous of them: Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and many others. It is worth noting that they do not exclude the presence of a graphic logo (which will be discussed later), but are one of the variants of the company logo. There may be several of them – both basic and additional.


With the help of graphic design, a certain image of a product or company is created, consisting of lines, shapes and symbols. Of course, such a logo should prompt the consumer to associate with the product, or at least with the name of the company to which it belongs. Among them: Apple, Puma, Rockstar, UGG, MasterCard, etc.


Often the two previous types of logo exist separately, but can be combined into one. Examples: Nike, Adidas, Burger King, Pepsi, McDonalds and more. Its use is far from appropriate on all elements of the identity, but it may well exist as a full-fledged logo for advertising.

The mask

Developing a character that would represent the brand is an excellent marketing move that makes it possible to work with different types of audience and increase its loyalty. It is also a good idea for the designer to build product branding and its logo around the mascot. Examples of such logos: KFC, Michelin, DogsTrust, WWF, MGM, a number of sports clubs and organizations.


a creative logo

from Clickable

experienced team with over 10 years of expertise
compliance with the rules for creating logos
creating multiple options
ability to work in different styles

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