Do you want to have a character created for you that reflects the essence of your brand?
The mascot is one of the main elements of a company's identity, especially a large one. But not only for her. Also, creating an image is necessary for a character for books, a character for games, etc. This is a reasonably effective way to convey the essence and mood of the project and its worldview and communicate through it with your audience.
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of character


First, you need to determine for what purposes it is necessary to develop a hero. If we are talking about creating a character for a game, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the design of the project and its gameplay; only after that can you decide what kind of character it will be: 2D or 3D. Characters for books are most often developed primarily for public demand, and then the narrative is built around them.


However, we often talk about the company’s corporate mascot, which would work for its image and promotion. To start developing it, the design team needs data.

scope and focus of the company
the size of its operation
main elements of branding and identity
potential consumer audience
the nature of the company’s philosophy, and its central message



with the product

It is essential to determine precisely how the mascot will interact with the brand and audience. Of course, a corporate mascot should correlate directly with the brand — the more prominent their connection, the better.

Characters illustration
Achieving company recognition through a unique character
Characters illustration
building loyalty among a wide range of potential consumers
Characters illustration
conveying the essence of the project through the character and appearance of the character

Nature of the



Among the striking examples are Mr. Proper, Santa Claus, as well as inanimate objects endowed with the appropriate characteristics.


Animals, people and inanimate objects created to evoke tenderness, joy, fun. These include mascots, such as dairy products, baby food, and big family-oriented brands like Ronald McDonald or Colonel Sanders.

The image of a friend or helper

It can be either a fictional or a living person, in the face of a cartoon, book hero or actor, who will recommend ordering a product.

Characters illustration
Characters illustration



Having deeply analyzed all the components, you can develop a relevant and high-quality mascot. Examples of quality characters and mascots can be seen in our gallery.

Characters illustration
Characters illustration
Characters illustration
Characters illustration
Characters illustration
Characters illustration
Characters illustration
Characters illustration
Characters illustration
Characters illustration
Characters illustration

pluses of work
with us

The Clickable Agency team is represented by web specialists and designers of the most diverse profiles and the highest level, so ordering the development of a 2D or 3D character for games or a character for books from us will be a great idea.



experienced illustrators with over five years of expertise
quality character in any format and angle
Ability to create a 3d model of your character

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