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Relatively recently, a new advertising format appeared in the media space, which involves the use of short vertical format videos. At first, it was skeptical by many users, but today it is already impossible to imagine social networks and web platforms without this type of content.
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Production of content using vertical shooting was logical and justified because most videos today are viewed from smartphones with the appropriate screen format. Moreover, TVs from leading brands increasingly appear on the market that can rotate 90 degrees and play the corresponding content. All social networks quickly picked up the trend, and now stories in the format of videos can be seen almost everywhere.



Most Engaging Video Ad Type
intuitive and familiar to the user of social networks
unlimited possibilities for animation and script
displayed to the relevant audience
exists on all popular platforms: Instagram, Facebook, VK, Twitter, YouTube

How insta


are made

Users quickly appreciated this kind of format, and platformers quickly attached various tools to them, such as the ability to write directly to private messages, secure links, and polls.

Creation of STATICS

We create a static layout of the future video stories at this stage. The designer combines the frame based on the requirements of the client and the provided or found graphics. In general, there are several options for developing this stage: 1. The storyboard is assembled from the material supplied by client 2. A mixed type of storyboard from the provided material + stock photos and videos. 3. Completely stock photos and videos, which are searched directly by the performer – motion. 4. Creation of all graphics from scratch by our illustrators, designers, photographers, camera operators, 3D specialists, and motion designers. This item is the most time-consuming and labor-intensive. Based on the selected stage, we form a storyboard from several static pictures, where the keyframes of the story are shown.

assembly of the first iteration

After the static concept and storyboard approval, we proceed to the most challenging stage: research, creation of materials, animation, and subsequent compositing. Several specialists are involved here, each of which performs its function: designers create static layouts with branded and style-forming elements, illustrators and 3D visualizers create components, and other materials motion designer creates or select effects and video material on stock. At the end of this stage, the initial assembly of the video takes place, and the first iteration is rendered; the client has the opportunity to see the material in draft form.

final assembly and post-processing

When a draft version is agreed upon with the client, our motion begins to bring all the materials to the final version. It includes:


  • color correction
  • sound design
  • work with little things
  • final compositing
  • removal of flaws, taking into account the edits of the client


At this stage, the client receives a finished video of high quality and resolution and an adapted video for the requirements of instant stories.

Why advertising
works in stories

According to some statistics, only about 2% of users are ready to turn their device while scrolling through the feed to read the content. It follows from this that it will be a reasonably exciting audience and high-quality involvement; however, such a low ratio of users is unlikely to satisfy the needs of the author of the video.


Also, a short horizontal video is easier to create and edit than a full-length video or carousel. And the cost per click for targeted advertising will be about ten times lower than for full-fledged posts. This allows you to create entire series of videos and get great feedback from users, pointing the content in the right direction on a reasonable budget.

Stories video
quality video content
Stories video
experienced motion designers
Stories video
animation of any complexity
Stories video
Creation of creativity from scratch
Stories video
Stories video



Of course, this format of videos has become an absolute godsend for advertising games, especially mobile ones. The budget for developing such videos is not too large because their timing is limited to 15 seconds. This is quite enough to show the gameplay and interest the user to click on the link to download the application.

Stories video
Stories video
Stories video
Stories video
Stories video
Stories video
Stories video
Stories video
Stories video
Stories video
Stories video
Stories video
Stories video
Stories video
Stories video
Stories video

Order a promotional video from Clickable Agency

We have mastered the production of short videos for stories for a variety of needs:


– promotion of games and applications

– sale of goods and services

– promotion of a brand or media person

– updating promotional offers, etc.


Our clients are well-known reputable companies that trust us, and our extensive cases will allow you to be convinced of the quality of the services provided. You can find out the price and ask other questions in any form convenient for you on our website or by phone.

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