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instructional video tutorials - as a way to attract and retain potential customers
In particular, various kinds of online schools, universities, and courses that allow the user to learn a profession of interest while at home are becoming very popular.
Also, instructional videos are viral in other areas. With their help, they create various instructions for software and equipment, animations for display inside official organizations and government agencies, videos for use in presentations, etc.
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Before creating a video, you should decide on its type and purpose. All kinds of videos can be combined if necessary, getting the final result of the work required for the project or studio.
Types of training videos:


This video is a screen recording. Most often, it is used to create instructions for handling various software. Using the tools of many simple video editors, you can edit animation and add the necessary marks and effects.

Narrator’s entry

It implies showing a person’s face and displaying related material on the screen parallel with the story. Very handy in creating educational videos such as webinars and lectures.


To create full-fledged high-quality instruction, excellent skills in video editing are required. It also requires good knowledge of the product being described and scripting so that the video is well received even by an absolute beginner.



of video


Any specialist knows that the shooting of video tutorials must be implemented according to specific patterns and meet certain requests. Among them


suitable transitions, professional animation, set apparent shooting

the quality of the recording and sound (especially about the recording of the narrator)
excellent and correct exposed lighting (for recording the narrator)
convenient screen resolution format and cursor highlighting (for screencasting)
consistent and understandable material, coverage of all video issues, timecodes
suitable transitions, professional animation, set apparent shooting
Video tutorials
Video tutorials

Our examples

Video tutorials
Video tutorials
Video tutorials
Video tutorials
Video tutorials
Video tutorials
Video tutorials
Video tutorials
Video tutorials
Video tutorials
Video tutorials
Video tutorials

How much does

it cost to create

a training video

The training video should be informative, but it should also make you want to watch it. After all, it is, among other things, a reputational service for the company or person providing it, for which the consumer pays. Agree that the user will not understand if the instruction for expensive equipment or software is executed negligently or if the information he receives is incomplete.
How much it will cost to order a training video depends on:

Video tutorials
the number of professionals involved
Video tutorials
developer studio level
Video tutorials
animation quality
Video tutorials
Video tutorials
saturation and duration
Video tutorials
its focus and themes

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