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To more vividly present their product or attract the attention of target users to the site, web developers resort to a large number of different tricks. Pre-rolls are one of those.
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What is


Preroll is a type of In-stream video advertising. It turns on at the moment when, in theory, the attention of the target user is drawn to it. This is a short video that conveys the central message of the product or service. Such videos can be seen in various resources.

advertising on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook video, or another platform
on websites, as a background screensaver or a welcome banner
on various external media and television commercials


of pre-roll


A well-crafted Pre-roll is a reasonably powerful Internet marketing tool that should not be neglected, regardless of the size and direction of your business, because the possibilities of its application are extensive.

Video preroll
The video is as short as possible and contains comprehensive information.
Video preroll
the main idea is indicated in the first seconds of the video
Video preroll
captures the user’s attention from the first seconds
Video preroll
video editing should include a place for inserting hyperlinks
Video preroll
you can unobtrusively leave contacts for communication
Video preroll
video adapted to various formats
Video preroll
Video preroll




Of course, Pre-roll advertising is best suited for branded companies. In this case, the screensaver is guaranteed to perform two functions at once: image and selling. After all, the video describes precisely the information that you want the client to hear.

Video preroll
Video preroll
Video preroll
Video preroll
Video preroll
Video preroll
Video preroll
Video preroll
Video preroll
Video preroll
Video preroll
Video preroll


of pre-roll


Pre-roll video advertising is a reasonably effective marketing tool. But its effect does not appear immediately and may be indirect; that is, it increases brand loyalty and recognition among a broad audience at a distance.


Modern platforms allow you to set up ads to be shown to strictly specific users and select their gender, age, geolocation, and interests, which significantly increases the potential response and reduces marketing costs.

Opportunity for feedback for the advertiser

By launching several video pre-rolls, the advertiser can see how target users react to a particular video, compare the statistics of views-transitions-leads, and pay attention to when people click on the link more often.

View Guarantee

The video pre-roll will be shown to the user, whether he wants it or not, no matter how it sounds. If he goes to the site, he will be forced to watch the video; if the person turns on the video on YouTube, he would also have to watch the ad for at least 5 seconds. Thus, you can achieve at least recognition for your product (online casinos and betting companies actively use this).


Users are generally okay with engaging short format ads instead of long TV commercials, which are becoming a thing of the past. A good specialist can create a very concise and informative video for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, which will have time to attract the attention of potential consumers, quickly revealing the essence and benefits of the product.

We recommend ordering Pre-roll at Clickable Agency

Clickable Agency specialists have extensive experience creating video pre-rolls for the most prominent companies, including PariMatch, Leon, Oll Tv, Tennisi, BetCity, etc. You can familiarize yourself with case studies in the relevant section of our website.


Our experts will conduct market research and audience research and implement videos for various needs. You can be sure that the finished product will be beautiful and technological, and effective in attracting your customers’ attention.

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    Our specialists have implemented hundreds of exciting projects on order during the company’s work, creating promotional videos for Parimatch, BK Leon, Oll TV, Pokerdrom, and many others. All these brands are familiar to you, and you probably remembered their promos, which means that we did everything right.

    Dmitry Chudakov, Managing partner, 5.0

    Clickable Agency's extensive experience in creating game products gained praise from the company's stakeholders. The project took two months to complete while being able to deliver new interfaces every week. Most of all, the client was impressed by how the agency's team blended in with theirs.

    Dmitry Chudakov, Managing partner,
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    Clickable Agency delivered top-notch outputs that exceeded expectations. The team's professional approach and creativity continue to impress the client. Both sides maintain open communication to ensure deadlines and objectives are achieved.

    Dmitriy Ryzhikov, CEO, Smart Experiences FZC
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