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Feed banners - an efficient internet marketing tool providing actual real-time mode info on products and services of the user’s choice
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The ability of automatic data update in an already published banner boldly differs the feed banners from all the others. This way, you don’t have to create a new banner when a product price, name, or any other feature changes

Dynamically changed content
Ideal for online stores and betting
Ability of any database integration
Your choice of banner size.
Feed banners(HTML5)



Our web-design team every month successfully implements over a thousand static banners for several business niches.

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How do

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feed banners

Years of successful web design experience help us to create every time unique, visually attractive, and outstandingly interactive advertisement banners for the most interactive and creative user experiences. Thanks to this approach, you will experience a conversion increase within the new ad launched within a few days.

Static elements drawing

At this stage, designers create a static feed banner layout, taking into account all the technical requirements and wishes of the client. A banner structure is built, taking into account all the elements (graphics, texts, dynamic data, buttons, etc.) in the style of the advertised product.

Programming and layout

This stage consists of two parts. The first is the layout itself, translation of a graphic file into code, and animation of blocks, images, buttons, and texts. Depending on the task, the banner can be either a fixed size, rubber, or fullscreen. The second is passing dynamic data to the banner wrapper. The data is pulled from particular databases. The database contains all the necessary parameters: names, dates, pictures, prices, coefficients, discounts, etc. As a result of such dynamics, new data will be displayed in the banner every time. There is no need to rebuild the banner for different events; everything here changes automatically using the API. As a rule, the client himself provides data about events, and we select the attributes we need with their subsequent recording into the database. However, we can also make an utterly turnkey feed banner with its base and details.

Banner testing

Testing includes checking the compliance of the result with the original layouts, their complete identity on all popular platforms (including mobile and desktop solutions), and correctness and synchronization of the animation of text, images, and other elements. The correctness of pulling data by API and their correct display is checked. It is also essential to check the correctness of the adaptation of fullscreen banners on different platforms and resolutions. The latter is especially critical on mobile devices, where dynamic adaptation is necessary without re-downloading the banner from the server when the user changes the screen orientation to a more convenient one for viewing.

Banner adaptation to a website requirements

After completing the programming and testing stages, the approved banner must be prepared for the requirements of the advertising network or advertising platform. The client must provide data on technical requirements before the production of the banner, as they can significantly limit the functionality or animation of the banner. The finished and approved banner is packed into an archive and handed over to the client for further placement.

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Our team has tremendous experience in feed banner development, which guarantees you obtain a user-attractive, effective advertisement solution. It will provide your product with steady consumer attention.

Feed banners(HTML5)
Feed banner to any tech specs
Feed banners(HTML5)
Seasoned web-designers and developers team
Feed banners(HTML5)
Outstanding animation at any sophistication level
Feed banners(HTML5)
Turnkey banner solutions with integrated API and database access on

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