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The promo site is a media marketing tool and the subject of brand identity. This web page aims to comprehensively present a product or service and sell it to the consumer. Less often, it can be a resource representing the company, but most of the promo page is a tool for conversion and sales.
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What is the



a promo site and

a regular one?

When they hear a “promo page”, many people imagine something like a landing page or business card site that briefly indicates information about a particular product or company. There is a form for conversion-driven traffic from social networks through targeted and contextual advertising.



Non-standard, memorable design that reflects the essence of the product
The interactivity of elements: videos, pictures, animations, etc.
detailed 3D models of products that the customer can see in a similar way
materials that present the product comprehensively: reviews, videos, instructions, certificates
simple and straightforward brief to fill out
integration with all possible social networks and mail providers


of creating

a promo site

The development of a promo site is required for a new brand and for an existing business to introduce a new product to the market.

Promo pages
fully corresponds to the concept of your brand
Promo pages
works great on any user device
Promo pages
does not repel with its interface
Promo pages
made in a modern attractive design
Promo pages
has an interactive and technological engine
Promo pages
collects conversions through targeting and contextual advertising

who needs

to develop

a promo site

The pages should describe all the benefits of the product and answer any questions that may arise from the customer.

Promo pages
Book or music album
Promo pages
car or another type of transport
Promo pages
specialized clothing line
Promo pages
product line or complex of additives
Promo pages
cafe, bar, restaurant, hotel
Promo pages
software resources and software
Promo pages
residential complex
Promo pages
events and other services



A promo site should not be repulsive by excessive “venality” so that the consumer has a desire to familiarize himself with the offer, and not immediately close the window in his browser.

Promo pages
Promo pages
Promo pages
Promo pages
Promo pages
Promo pages
Promo pages
Promo pages
Promo pages

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    customers think?

    Ordering a promo site from Clickable Agency means getting a quality product, as evidenced by the feedback from our customers.

    Alex Hajerdinov, Platform Coordinator, Twin 5.0

    Internal feedback lauds the website as modern, professional, and intuitive. Clickable Agency delivered innovative solutions thanks to their experienced work style and market knowledge. They stayed in constant contact throughout the project, and continue to provide advice and support post-launch.

    Alex Hajerdinov, Platform Coordinator, Twin
    Alexandr Oleinik, COO, Mobster 5.0

    Clickable Agency produced deliverables that successfully satisfied the client. They ensured the company of quality services. The team was dedicated and fostered collaboration to provide all the needs of the internal stakeholders.

    Alexandr Oleinik, COO, Mobster
    Juli Bela, Social Media Manager, MDconsult 5.0

    The newly-designed home page turned out great. As a result, the client reeled in a handful of new leads. Clickable Agency listened attentively to the client's needs, allowing them to deliver exactly what was expected. They also planned ahead and accommodated any requested changes along the way.

    Juli Bela, Social Media Manager, MDconsult
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