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The development of branded stickers is a modern and perfect image of additional branding designed to introduce a product or service to the masses. Also, stickers are created for personal use for correspondence with friends and family. Most often, stickers are ordered specifically for the latter purposes; since there are a lot of companies, people, and social groups, they all have their internal communication, and it is appropriate to implement a set of stickers for them.
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As for branded stickers, large companies have long noticed that people use any stickers, regardless of their affiliation. The main thing is that they should be funny, reflect a person’s emotions, and be used in active correspondence.

large network companies (McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, etc.)
media personalities (singers, actors, politicians)
film companies to promote the franchise
football clubs
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People love to indulge in personal stickers in chats and private correspondence. Increasingly, users order the creation of stickers for office employees, school or student classes, a discussion of interest, or just a social group, using elements of communication, memes, and folklore that are understandable within their team.

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The main


of creation

Stickers can be used not only as a web resource but also printed as physical stickers as souvenirs that can be applied to any surface.

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MARKET STUDY and review of references
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idea generation and defining the style and a list of emotions
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provision of drafts to the client
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elaboration of stickers,colorization, detailing
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delivery of the sticker pack


Stickers are used in almost all popular social networks and instant messengers: Facebook, Instagram; VK; Classmates; Viber; Whatsapp, etc.

However, they gained the most incredible popularity on Telegram. It is rather challenging to say why this happened, but since most of the modern active audience mainly uses this messenger, the development of stickers for Telegrams is the most popular.

Suppose the concept of creating Telegram stickers for narrow social groups is relatively private and requires a unique approach and study of internal relationships. In that case, everything is different with branded stickers.

Branded stickers for the client are developed, taking into account the essence and style of the project and a thorough analysis of the market. Professional sticker designers have information about today’s popular emotions, memes, words, and current graphic solutions and customize all this into the desired design, creating in-demand communication elements that a person will want to use, even when they are far from this brand.

How effective is it? Open your messenger and count the number of stickers associated with brands, media persons, and other commercial organizations. You probably have about five of these sets saved.

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Stickers help to introduce this or that message into each person’s personal life. If at least one user likes a conditional welcome sticker from the Coca-Cola Company, you can be sure that he will send it to a dozen other users, thus reminding them of the brand. Therefore, this is a very effective promotion tool, the development cost of which is incomparable to expensive advertising campaigns. At the same time, the result of the work of the former can be even more convincing.

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experienced artists with over 5 years of expertise
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quality stickers in any style
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Ability to animate stickers

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Clickable Agency offers its customers the opportunity to order a sticker pack for their needs at a reasonable cost. Whether you are a private person or a representative of a large company providing commercial services, we will cope with any task. You will receive a modern, stylish, high-quality product with the possibility of subsequent changes / adding additional stickers to the set.


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