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Since most of the business today has moved online, having a platform for self-presentation has become important not only for large companies and trading firms but also for individuals providing one kind of service.
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What are

the advantage

of a business

card site?

Many may notice that social networks quite successfully perform the functions of a business card site: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. pages. This is true, but only in part.

Firstly, such services offer only a specific template for providing content and information to the client, which cannot be adjusted as the customer wants.

Secondly, and more importantly, a page on a social network is an unsuccessful image tool. It is evident to a potential client that a good, in-demand specialist should have a separate website on which his services will be presented in detail.

Thirdly, it is almost impossible to promote a page on social networks through contextual advertising, significantly narrowing the range of possible target visitors.



High-quality development of a business card site that can meet any requirements is the prerogative of professionals. If you want your page or your company’s page to exist and stand out among the gray mass of others and attract attention, you should be very responsible in choosing a contractor to create it.

Statement of the problem and preparation of technical specifications

The client describes his needs, target audience, and the amount and type of information he wants to provide. Based on this, the specialist draws up a product development plan, which includes collecting information and a description of the desired design and functionality. All this is agreed with the customer.

Definition of site architecture and design

Depending on the agreement of the above data, it is determined on which platform the page will work. Starting from the engine, an actual design is created, after which an approximate layout is submitted for approval to the customer.

Creation of a framework for a business card site.

The programming and linking to the page of the necessary functions are carried out, and the placement of essential information for visitors on it.

Page content

An almost finished product is filled with photo, video, and text content. The customer can provide the content himself or order it from a copywriter – some web studios offer such a service.


Before launching the site into operation, it is recommended to carefully check its security, test it under loads, and for errors. As a rule, this does not take much time due to the simplicity of the page structure.

Posting a page online

Now you can buy hosting and host a page.



In the gallery, we showed only a tiny part of our sites, which were created by designers and programmers.


The cost

of creating

a business

card website

Despite the generally accepted notion that a business card website is a relatively simple product, there are a lot of variables that can affect its final price.

At the same time, keep in mind that the cost of optimization for various devices and platforms is included in the service price for conscientious specialists, as this implies a full-fledged product development.

site size and number of pages
the need for preliminary niche analysis
creation of logos, banners, fonts
copywriting, image and animation development
connection to Google Analytics and other platforms
after sales technical support

We recommend


a business card

website from us

We at Clickable Agency have implemented dozens of projects to create business card websites, so we will be happy to provide you with examples of work so that you can be convinced of our professionalism.

the final cost of the project after the approval of those tasks
complete contact between the client and the developers
the best conceptual solutions for your business
the current visual style of the site
affordable price

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    Dmitry Chudakov, Managing partner,
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    Clickable Agency delivered top-notch outputs that exceeded expectations. The team's professional approach and creativity continue to impress the client. Both sides maintain open communication to ensure deadlines and objectives are achieved.

    Dmitriy Ryzhikov, CEO, Smart Experiences FZC
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