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Before launching any project, it needs to be carefully checked for operability. There are too many requirements and variables to consider in today's environment when developing a product. It is simply impossible to ensure its normal functioning without testing and subsequent refinement.
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What is

QA testing?

The abbreviation QA stands for Quality Assurance, which means “quality assurance”. This is a fairly complex process that covers many stages of software development and includes a complete check of the technical condition of the product at all levels. This is what QA testing is for.

The complexity of checking the work done is mainly because the product cannot function according to the given patterns. The specialist tries it in different conditions during testing on other platforms.

It is also worth understanding that a program, game, and websites are various functions and tools. The task of the developer is to connect them. Because in this way, too many terms and variants of their combinations are obtained, it becomes simply physically impossible to guarantee that each bundle will work like clockwork.

Lack of QA testing is fraught with the release of a crude product on the market that will not meet customers’ requirements, lose to competitors, and from which users will quickly turn away. Therefore, such a saving on the final test is somewhat doubtful and rather offsets the costs of developing the main product.


Many parameters are checked in a product before it is put into production. They depend directly on the type of the product itself, its scale, functionality, etc.

elaboration of the main scenarios for using the resource
checking the performance of all primary and auxiliary functions
interface stress tests
product interaction with other resources
system operation on different platforms and devices
overall assessment by the reviewers of the product as a user

The quality of testing directly depends on the correctness of the plan, qualifications, and level of the tester. The specialist must put himself in the user’s place and be creative in testing the site, implementing a variety of interaction scenarios so that the product works like clockwork.


A good QA tester can find errors and bugs and understand their nature and fix them. It should be understood that fixing even the slightest bug can lead to a “domino effect,” so the high qualification of a specialist, in this case, is essential; otherwise, fixing one error will create two others.


Also, professional QA involves the use of unique applications and services, such as Selenium, Jira, BrowserStack, DevTool, Screaming Frog, Lighthouse, W3C Validation, etc. Deep knowledge of these tools is only possible with experience, and therefore finding a lead software tester is an important task.

How much

does manual

testing cost?

As for checking such a web resource as a website, the prices depend not only on its functionality and quality but also on the level of the specialist and the need for fixing them. As a rule, payment occurs hourly since no one can know the number and criticality of errors in advance. However, for some types of verification, it may be piecework.

website security check
Stress Testing
verification of functional scenarios
resource performance test
user experience testing
verification of interaction on different platforms

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