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Want to quickly create a beautiful, lead-generating website?
Tilda is a modern and very technological website builder system, thanks to which you can create a full-fledged web page that meets modern requirements in the shortest possible time and for little money.
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Creating a site on Tilda – what are the advantages?

Tilda was created with the goal that the end user of the site could conveniently receive content. Even without the support of a specialist, the resource manager, through the built-in Zero Block editor, can conveniently change, add or remove information from the blocks.
This platform is suitable for developing:

landing page and promotional page
company website
presentations or portfolio
small online store

good site
on tilde?

In addition, there is a convenient opportunity to manage and change the old content, its layout and linking with the new one (but not more than 1 GB in total). You can easily connect integration with social networks to the page on Tilda, use tags here, make delayed publications, implement the ability to leave comments and reviews, and everything that a modern user interface implies.

Creating Tilda sites
you can add videos by simply pasting a link from YouTube
Creating Tilda sites
independently include background videos in the site structure
Creating Tilda sites
convenient to create structured galleries
Creating Tilda sites
integration with SoundCloud
Creating Tilda sites
convenient text entry and editing, as well as its layout
Creating Tilda sites
simple creation of product cards

Single or multi-page site?

It’s quite easy to make a one-page landing site on Tilda, because there are many plus or minus ready-made templates that you can change for yourself and use. However, for a multi-page site, this option will not work and you will already need some experience and the ability to typeset.

Zero Block is also used for this. Using this tool, a specialist can make a page as close as possible to the client’s desire by designing blocks, fonts, interactive elements, limited only by the functionality of the site itself.

Sites on Tilda support no more than 500 pages. At the same time, incorrectly laid out pages with a lot of “heavy” content will slow down and freeze. Therefore, the general recommendation is to spread the information evenly over as many pages as possible so that they work properly. This will require a good knowledge of web design and the principle of site layout.


Development cost
website on Tilda

A site on Tilda is not a panacea. This is a viable solution for blogging, presenting a small commercial project, or selling a limited range of products or services. For large companies and large online stores, its functionality, network bandwidth, and ranking in search engines will not be enough.

If you want to develop a site on Tilda yourself, you should stock up on time and patience. It usually takes a beginner about a week to do it initially, and in the process for about a couple more months he will edit it.

We recommend ordering website development from specialists, as it is relatively inexpensive. At the same time, you will receive a ready-made working page in the original design, in accordance with your requests. The cost of the work will depend on the number of pages and the purpose of the site, the need for its content, the services of a copywriter, the development of banners, pictures, etc.

In addition, do not forget that the very use of the site on Tilda is paid and costs $ 10 per month for all users. At the same time, separate hosting is not required – the page exists on the servers of the constructor owners.

Order a site on Tilda in the Clickable Agency team

Our team is ready to show you what professionals are capable of, even if we provide them with less extensive website building functionality, such as Tilda. The result of our work will pleasantly surprise and amaze you, as it will be very different from other sites developed on this constructor.

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    what our clients think

    You can read reviews in this block. They will confirm our expertise, reasonable price and quality development at every stage of work for all our clients.

    Alex Hajerdinov, Platform Coordinator, Twin 5.0

    Internal feedback lauds the website as modern, professional, and intuitive. Clickable Agency delivered innovative solutions thanks to their experienced work style and market knowledge. They stayed in constant contact throughout the project, and continue to provide advice and support post-launch.

    Alex Hajerdinov, Platform Coordinator, Twin
    Alexandr Oleinik, COO, Mobster 5.0

    Clickable Agency produced deliverables that successfully satisfied the client. They ensured the company of quality services. The team was dedicated and fostered collaboration to provide all the needs of the internal stakeholders.

    Alexandr Oleinik, COO, Mobster

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