Animated banners driving most attention
Animated banners are one of the most efficient internet marketing solutions. They attract users' attention with interactive text and dynamic features. When a user clicks on the banner, it takes him to the page with a detailed description of goods or services you advertise
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In comparison with static banners, dynamic ones are larger. Active banners usually get more user attention. Taking into account so-called “banner blindness,” users pay less and less attention to static ads.

Highly visible both on desktop and mobile devices
Easier and faster load comparing with video, making no obstacles to users
Drive immediate attention
Provide a designer with more room for creativity

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Our web-design professionals have many years of successful experience in the field of animated banners.

Animated banners (GIF)
Animated banner by any requirements
Animated banners (GIF)
Experienced professionals team
Animated banners (GIF)
Animations of any complexity within the format
Animated banners (GIF)
Animated banners (GIF)



Our web design team has accomplished tens of thousands of animated banners for all types of business niches.

Animated banners (GIF)
Animated banners (GIF)
Animated banners (GIF)
Animated banners (GIF)
Animated banners (GIF)

Main creation


Our professionals invest all their skill and soul into every solution created. As a result, you get the unique, visually attractive banner that will get you new leads and increase conversion rates

Animated banners (GIF)
Obtaining technical requirements and coordinating the assignment
Animated banners (GIF)
Development of graphic solutions and creation of a layout
Animated banners (GIF)
Build a banner and approve static elements
Animated banners (GIF)
Animating the moving elements of the banner

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    Clickable Agency produced deliverables that successfully satisfied the client. They ensured the company of quality services. The team was dedicated and fostered collaboration to provide all the needs of the internal stakeholders.

    Alexandr Oleinik, COO, Mobster
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