Pre-roll is not a cheap tool. They need to be used correctly.

Preroll is not a cheap tool. It’s necessary to do it right. Upload a 30-second “shock” on YouTube or another platform and follow the success, obviously, the advertising strategy is not very effective. Video advertising is the most important way to convey messages to the audience. The format allows for sufficient respect for the koristuvachivs. In order to take profit, it is necessary to protect the deeds “before” and “after”.


Putting a 30-second “something” on YouTube or another platform and hoping for success is, of course, an ineffective advertising strategy

Video ads are considered to be the most visual way to deliver a message to an audience. The format allows you to get the attention of users. But in order to get a profit, you need to take into account some “before” and “after”.

What does this mean?

Before covers issues such as audience analysis, targeting, and the content of the ad itself. And, after – viewers’ actions after watching the video. This article describes the ingredients of the formula to help you succeed with this ad format.

Pre-roll: Before

Before diving into preroll development, consider the following questions:

· Who is your audience? Determine what content she is watching.

· Is the video exactly the right format for the marketing goal?

· What targeting options should I test? Write down some hypotheses.

Pre-roll is not a cheap tool. They need to be used correctly.

Content – the video itself is the most important part of the formula.

The most important for preroll content are:

· Capturing attention in the first five seconds. A well-known fact: over 90% of people miss the pre-roll after five seconds. Personalization and humor will help beat the ad skip button.

· Personalize your content based on your targeting settings. Better yet, segment your audience and create a separate version of the video for each of them.

· Bounce rate is directly proportional to creative quality.

· The importance of a clear call to action (CTA) cannot be overstated. There is little time on the video to convince the viewer to perform the target action. Briefly and clearly formulate the offer and its benefits.

Pre-roll: After

A common mistake in advertising campaigns is not being related to what happens after a user clicks. Your CTA can get a viewer to click, but advertisers often don’t pay attention to what happens next. (Spoiler: don’t drive traffic to the homepage).

Following the call to action takes the user to a properly designed landing page, which is a logical continuation of the video, offers more detailed information – this is the key to success.

Branding is a bad target for a pre-roll. A  clearly measurable goal on the landing page works best, for example: generating leads or purchases.

Use your analytics wisely and disable audience segments that aren’t converting.

How to make pre-roll, how to sell
Video advertising is gaining wraps. Growing hours of video streaming on the Internet and reaching out to the audience. Write directly to the Clickable Agency Messenger your area of activity. You accept the advice of the project manager and ideas for the implementation of the video.

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