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Playable banners: Next step in the evolution of online game ads. How they can redefine your business

In our fast-paced world with rapidly changing just about everything, businesses must keep up with the latest trends and react to those changes lightning-fast if they want to be successful. As a result, marketers have to constantly seek new formats to get customers interested in the brand’s products. But it’s not that easy, especially when […]


In our fast-paced world with rapidly changing just about everything, businesses must keep up with the latest trends and react to those changes lightning-fast if they want to be successful. As a result, marketers have to constantly seek new formats to get customers interested in the brand’s products. But it’s not that easy, especially when it comes to capturing the attention of younger generations. And to help meet today’s marketing goals for gaming comes game ads.

The need to attract new customers and satisfy the insatiable appetites of even the most discerning person, along with banner fatigue, gave birth to a new trend in digital marketing known as gamification. This word is all about banners, video ads, mini-games, and everything in-between integrated into computer games, mobile games, or console games. This advertising strategy allows brands and game developers to grow their product or service revenue.

Let them play and boost your sales potential

Playable ads or game ads are just thing for brands and developers looking to set their products head and shoulders above the rest creatively and effectively. With the evolution of banner advertising, playable ads have carved out a niche for themselves in the online advertising arena and grabbed the attention of marketing specialists and individual target groups by taking awareness and interaction with a person playing games to a whole new level.

This rich media banner format allows for placing the newest products that will launch in front of the customer in a fun and entertaining way. Unlike static ads, game ads stand out by fully engaging potential customers in a unique and captivating world of the game, which promotes your company, product, or service — making them remembered — while also providing opportunities for players to test their skills with accuracy through mini-games or interactivity within an ad in the bigger game.

Businesses for which game ads are a win-win

Game ads are a must-have solution for the gaming industry, mobile app developers, and anyone wanting to enrich their digital advertising effort.

The huge success of game ads is based on the natural human instinct to compete, win, and get a reward. Who doesn’t like to play games? Everyone likes. When people get bored, they want to get distracted and entertained. While surfing the internet for information and fun, it’s hard to pass by such an ad that turns customers from passive watchers into active players. So, if you’re looking to get and hold customers’ attention, game ads answer your needs.

Whether it’s a mobile app, video or mobile game, or anything in between you’re advertising, a game ad gives customers the ability to try it firsthand before they can make a final decision. The playful nature of game ads benefits both customers and brands. Customers can taste and sense what’s advertised, and you can demonstrate the unique features and mechanics that differentiate your offering from similar products in the industry.

A meaningful and engaging ad strongly impacts the player, encouraging them to come back and buy or download an app — making it an effective marketing tool for businesses who want to promote their products or services on this platform where users get more freedom and satisfaction with their desire for control over what they see on screen.

In-game advertising in video and mobile games

In-game ads have become an integral part of the gaming experience. Video gamers, especially MMO players, are exposed to seeing ads while they play, and this is a fertile ground for reaching large audiences in the games.

For example, Call of Duty and other First Person Shooter (FPS) games often require high shooting accuracy from MMO players and quick reflexes when performing «hip fire» shots. «Hip fire,» or shooting from the hip, is common in FPS games. Ads could feature tips on improving accuracy or highlight a weapon and guns that are especially effective in taking down large groups of enemies. Furthermore, attachments or modifications that will enhance aiming down sight can also be promoted in video ads in FPS games. As aiming down sight is a gameplay mechanic in First Person Shooter games where players can look down their weapon’s sights to improve their accuracy and precision when shooting, this technique could be used to demonstrate the intense and thrilling experience of playing the game.

Additionally, weapons, guns, and enemies can be featured more prominently in ads and used to demonstrate the game’s speed and precision. With a large area and variety of enemies featured in First Person Shooter games, there are numerous possibilities for creative and engaging in-game advertising. Moreover, these ads could also focus on promoting captivating storylines and missions that will ensure gamers remain hooked for hours on end.

Video games and the mobile gaming industry have embraced the use of in-game advertising to reach out to more gamers and increase the visibility of their respective products. Thanks to mobile tech, gaming is now part of the mainstream. With most gamers actively engaged on their phones, mobile game developers and publishers have the ability to precisely target specific audiences with a customized ad campaign that not only creates brand awareness but also adds an extra layer of entertainment for the players.

Moreover, many players often seek incentives before deciding whether or not to try out a particular mobile game. Offering rewards based on watching advertisements or completing specific levels within the mobile game could further encourage a gamer to give a new title a go while still providing a sense of accomplishment when played right.

interface for mobile game about animals

Benefits of game ads for your business

  • Get your brand seen and noticed

Playable ads allow for reaching a wider audience by being placed in popular video games like Call of Duty, Super Mario, Double Life, and others games, increasing the brand’s visibility and awareness.

  • Provide a personalized user experience

Game ads can be targeted toward interests to attract a specific audience. This will boost the chances of turning them into customers.

  • Create an immersive and engaging environment

Game ads capture customers’ attention and create a more memorable experience. A high-quality, immersive game ad can make the target audience glued to interactive gaming and make a big difference.

  • Demonstrate longer engagement rates

Game ads have higher click-through rates compared to regular advertising formats. This means customers stay engaged with the ad longer and are likelier to make the win-win decision: browse the company’s website or download an app and continue playing.

  • Tailored to fit various budgets

Game ads can be a cost-effective solution for small businesses that can pay only for clicks or impressions.

We’re driven by an ever-ending stream of first-in-game ads. Our dedicated team strongly believes that successful game ad campaigns depend on a well-thought ad strategy that takes into account the target audience’s interests, preferences, and behaviors. The main point is to create ads that are engaging and deliver a clear message. This can be a rewarded video ad. Or, incorporating a character commercial featuring live-action versions of renowned video game characters can be the jewel in the crown. Another crucial step is tracking analytics; it allows us to ensure the accuracy of our ad campaigns and make necessary adjustments based on user feedback, resulting in maximum reach and effectiveness of the campaign.

If you crave to make your business shine, we’re here to create an attention-grabbing playable banner that will beat the competition and enhance your brand’s visibility, ultimately helping you attract your target audience more effectively. You can view examples of our work in our blog.

With our game development and design expertise, we can tailor the game ad specifically to answer your business needs, incorporating elements that align with your brand’s identity and messaging. Our gripping scenario and breathtaking graphics are what make our ads stand miles ahead of the rest. By providing a unique and engaging game world for every person, we’ll give you the competitive edge you’ve been missing. So, let us help achieve your advertising campaign goals and make you and your products a prominent name in the industry.

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