Clickable Agency Keeps its Five-Star Review Streak Alive on Clutch

Here at Clickable Agency, we go above and beyond to deliver high-quality services for your marketing campaigns.


As they say, client satisfaction equals success and growth. Here at Clickable Agency, we go above and beyond to deliver high-quality services for your marketing campaigns. Based in the heart of Odesa, Ukraine, our team combines clever and proven strategies with cutting-edge technologies to create impactful solutions.

With us, you don’t need to dread marketing. We provide world-class web development, promo materials, branding solutions, and so much more. To show you more about what our clients feel and experience, we proudly present our verified client testimonials and feedback on Clutch.

For those of you who don’t know, Clutch is a Washington DC-based review and rating website designed to guide SMEs through different B2B industries. Aside from client insights, the site publishes a variety of data-driven content like market reports, research, and agency shortlists.

Stellar Solutions

This year alone, our team has already earned seven in-depth reviews that all feature five-star ratings. The projects or services featured in those reviews are advertising materials, web development, branding, and digital marketing. Check out these snippets we took from those testimonials!

“They were a highly professional team who always helped create incredible ideas. They also implemented them in a short time for a fair price.”

— CMO, Adal Oiyn (

“Their work ethic, convincing results, and strong communication skills were notable in the partnership.”

— Marketing Creatives Project Manager, Voki games

“We were impressed with how determined they are to continue delivering the same way they always have if not better despite facing extremely difficult atmospheres currently in Ukraine. They seem to have amazing synergy internally, which we can see without communicating with all of the team. It is apparent in their work.”

— Campaigns & Content Manager, PropChain

We’re incredibly grateful to every one of our clients, especially those who took the time to review us on Clutch. The support they have for Clickable Agency is what helped us rank among the best according to Top Design Firms, a B2B resource that curates data-driven content. Their study found our team as one of the top 100 graphic designers for 2022 — an incredible feat that’s truly humbling.

It means a lot to us to be achieving milestones like this. Our clients are and will always be our source of inspiration to innovate. 

We’re here for you too! Interested to work with Clickable Agency? Send us a message straight away and let’s hit the ground running. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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