2022 Rewind

February 24 changed the lives of millions of Ukrainians, including ours. Find out how we lived and worked before and how we adapted to the current living conditions.


When the wish lists are drawn up, the holiday posts are written, and waiting for their time, it is time to sum up the year. If you ask every Ukrainian what they remembered about 2022, the answer will be in one word — “war.” And if you ask the same question to the creative agency… 

Let’s travel back in time to 10 months ago.  

The typical day at the Clickable Agency was like a dream for anyone in the creative industry. Our large team gathered at the open space office overlooking the sea (and close to it). A walk by the sea in the summer during lunch break is a special bonus that we are very proud of. Besides that, we had:

  • seasonal fruit in the kitchen
  • about 8 types of packaged and 6 types of loose tea
  • coffee machine with different cooking modes: from espresso to latte macchiato 
  • biscuits for every taste
  • daily food delivery for employees depending on their preferences with a deposit system
  • every last Friday of the month mini-corporate party with pizza and alcohol

Working in such conditions instantly increases the degree of creativity — verified by many satisfied customers. The office atmosphere allowed us to reach work-life balance and rally a team of 60+ people. We are like one big family.

2022 Rewind

But on February 24th, we had to switch to the war-life-work balance mode. Of course, our professional skills came in handy: the ability to improvise and quickly find effective non-standard solutions. 

For all time of the war, we managed to keep a team of 60+ people and 100% payroll — this was our priority №1, and in the summer, we started hiring new employees. In addition to paying taxes, the Clickable Agency supports Ukrainian Armed Forces regularly and is engaged in volunteer work, helping to bring our victory.

Our team has made every effort, so we continue working actively with clients from Ukraine, USA, and Israel. Communication with customers is maintained at the highest level, and the response time to the client has stayed the same as we use a continuity strategy. 

The blackout was a new challenge, which we successfully overcame. In a short time, we organized “Office Nezlamnosti,” which always has: 

  • uninterrupted internet
  • constant electricity and heat  
  • 24 comfortable workplaces 
  • hot tea and coffee

Each member of the Odessa team has the opportunity to come, charge all their devices, and keep warm. 

2022 Rewind
2022 Rewind
2022 Rewind

Thanks to the established communication system, we are always connected, even though many teammates have gone to other countries. Because together, we can overcome all difficulties, wherever we are. We believe that with our victory, we will meet again in our beloved office of the Clickable Agency and continue to make the world more creative. 

Our team wishes you wonderful holidays. Let them be filled with warmth, joy and happy moments in the circle of relatives and friends. We’ll never be broken or de-energized! Let the main desire of each of us — a victory — be realized in 2023.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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