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We help to visualize (create) a brand and accompany it online in advertising materials. Creation of banners for promo pages, pre-rolls and materials for social networks.



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Developer | Leon

Our work with Clickable over the years has proven to be effective. The team helps us with creative and technical aspects. Advertising campaigns grow qualitatively in conversion and provide an influx of new audience.



It is not often possible to find a team of professionals with whom it is comfortable to solve complex tasks. The guys helped us optimize a huge array of products and promotional materials, which they completely revised and breathed new life into the brand’s image. Thank you very much for that!


Head of Digital Marketing | Melbet

On our team we have guys from Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe working with Clickable. Opinion about the studio is extremely positive: web, advertising, creative from scratch, complex videos with 3D objects, printed materials - they will do any task in a recognizable and unique style. They’re just like rockets of advertising world, considering the stream of promo campaigns that we launch, the guys help us a lot. It’s even hard to remember moments of controversy or disagreement; it seems that they simply didn’t exist. We’re glad to cooperate and continue to work with pleasure and create even cooler advertising campaigns!


Marketing manager | BetCity

We’re working on creating new landing pages, interactive html banners, promotional materials for advertising campaigns. It took us some time to develop a recognizable graphic style. To do this we took a bold step to give development of promo materials to Clickable… and we were right with that move. What is typical in our joint projects, the guys are not afraid to boldly work with graphics, lettering, witty messages, all this gave the significant growth of our target audience.


Project-manager | OLL TV

We worked with Clickable on several projects: landing pages, banners, printed materials, video clips. I was very pleased with the loyal and calm attitude of the team towards our requirements and corrections. We are happy with the vision for our promos that the team come up with. Sometimes they’re crazy but at the end of the day they perform really well. I hope in the future we can make even bolder projects together!


Head of Digital Marketing | Pokerdom

We have been working with Clickable for many years and during this time have never regretted their choice. We can rely on them not only in matters of design and creativity, guys help with solving more complex issues with the development of complex interactive landing pages. Projects are done with high quality with respect to deadlines and details.


Account-manager | PARIMATCH

We thank the Clickable team for their enthusiasm, patience and perseverance in achieving our mutual goal. Our promo became recognizable and notorious among our peers, colleagues. We achieved this by consistently arranging advertising campaigns with qualitative promotional materials and developing our services. Clickable certainly helps us interact more effectively with our audience.


Owner | Fleur De Lis

We faced a difficult task, to create a website for a flower online store, but at the same time to make it unconventional, recognizable, with a certain twist. We had a rather long process of developing a concept, logic, interface, visualization, many stages of coordination and refinement. Clickable team managed and exceeded our expectations. The site is lightweight, functional, elegant and enjoyable to use. Thanks to the whole company for the excellent work done!



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